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Our Promise To You

Everything we do is centered around making your construction experience extraordinary. We do this with our promise to put what matters most to you first. We are here to make something special - the one place in the world that's yours - your home.

Why Home Indeed?

Design + Build

Our designers and project managers are all Home Indeed employees, rather than contractors or consultants, so you can access the benefits of working with a dedicated team of professionals for you and your home. We offer a wide range of remodeling services, from bathrooms to home additions, to fit your remodeling project needs. 

Our system works

Home Indeed's step-by-step process ensures you'll have an accessible, accountable professional leading every stage of your project. We guide you from an initial design consultation to final project completion with a seamless process that allows for clear communication, accountability and budget control. Ask us these questions before hiring us and you'll know you've made the right choice with us.

3,600 square foot showroom

Let's face it, you're busy. Don't spend your precious time traveling from one specialty store to another, gathering samples at each, and discussing your project with multiple people. Our showrooms are designed to be the ONE Source, ONE Solution, ONE Company to bring it all together for our clients and their construction projects. Here you can compare options side-by-side and get the education needed to make the right decisions. Home Indeed will help you translate your vision and expand your imagination, adding a sense of ownership to the creative process.


Our People

Our skills are diverse. Our dedication is identical.
Each of us is part of what makes Home Indeed great, and we're very proud of the company we keep.

BJ Collins President at Home Indeed
BJ Collins

President / General Manager

BJ is passionate about remodeling. In opening Home Indeed, it is his belief the remodeling industry was lacking a solid process that created clear communication and organization between suppliers, remodelers and clients. BJ's promise to his customers and partners is to always have clear communication and a direct line from project conception to completion.

"Sometimes bad things happen in remodeling. How quickly you respond and resolve these issues tells a lot about how good you are."

With more than 25 years in the construction industry, 18 of those as an owner, BJ leads the company vision along with a majority of marketing. When not busy at work, BJ enjoys spending time with his 3 children, watching football, and keeping up with ever-changing home design trends.

Ashley Connolly

Designer / Showroom Coordinator

Ashley holds a unique eye for design and planning. As a member of the Home Indeed team, she has played an instrumental role in nearly every project and takes great pride in her work. Ashley has and associate's degree in Applied Arts and Interior Design.

"I love that design options are endless and it's very rewarding to watch a project go from a vision to a reality."

Ashley resides in Independence and keeps busy with her pre-school daughter. She enjoys camping with friends and family and completing DIY projects around the house.

Uriah Thomas

Flooring Specialist

Truly a one-of-a-kind addition to Home Indeed, Uriah is known for being able to come up with solutions to any problem that arises on a project. His vast knowledge of the flooring industry along with his installation talents made him a perfect fit as our flooring specialist.

"Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue, just live with it."

Uriah takes great pride in a job well done. Outside of work, Uriah enjoys spending time with his 7 children, raising Homer Pigeons, and being a Fortnight legend.

Read more about Uriah here.

Joel Christiansen
Joel Christiansen


Joel joined the Home Indeed Team in Dec 2019. He has been involved in the home remodeling industry for 25 years and has specialized in finish trims and carpentry since 2000. He has a keen eye for the most detailed trim work and finish installation and is proud of the designs he can create for the clientele.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”.

He resides in Cedar Falls with his fiancé, Heather. He also has 3 dogs at home and loves to spend time with family and relaxing, playing golf, and enjoying anything sports related.

Joey Brown Craftsman for Home Indeed | Home Indeed
Joey Brown


Prior to joining the Home Indeed team, Joey did finish-carpentry with another residential company. The skills he brings to Home Indeed include being open-minded, having an eye for detail – especially with finish/trimming – and adaptability to the many changes in the construction industry.

"When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."

Joey comes from a family of 6 (1 brother, 2 sisters), and lives in Jesup. He enjoys doing projects at home, spending time with friends, family, and his dog, Moose!

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ONE Source. ONE Solution. ONE Company to bring it all together.