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    Upscale New Construction
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    Upscale New Construction Project Spotlight | Home IndeedDetermining the best fit for these homeowners was simple: we listened to the client's needs, wants, and visions for their spaces. Check out these renderings from the design stage of our design-build process.

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    Multi-Bathroom/Laundry Room Remodel | Home Indeed

    The main bathroom in this home was much larger and had enough space for laundry and a standard tub/shower surround, but the homeowners were ready to upgrade that space.

    Modern Bathroom Remodel
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    Modern Bathroom Remodel Project Spotlight | Home Indeed

    This small, main bathroom had an oversized corner tub taking up most of the room while leaving minimal storage space for linens and other toiletries. The goal of this project was to modernize an outdated bathroom!

    Peterschmidt Bathroom
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    Peterschmidt Bathroom Project Spotlight | Home Indeed

    We worked with their hired plumber that removed the old tub and shower surrounds. We then prepared the floor, tub area, and installed tile. We also worked alongside their cabinet maker and provided new vanity tops and bowls.

    Traditional Maynard, IA Kitchen
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    McSweeney Kitchen Project Spotlight | Home Indeed

    Through our design phase, we were able to identify our client's pain points and address them in the remodeling plans. Determining these priorities helped us create a kitchen that the homeowners really wanted to use.

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