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Our Process

At Home Indeed, we have fine-tuned the process of Design + Build for more than 15 years. The result is a proven process built upon the best practices; everything from client communication to the best construction methods to date. We have your best interests in mind, providing an integrated solution for the homeowner with a single point of contact for the entire project. Our commitment to quality starts with our team, and we make sure everyone that works for or with us believes in ONLY doing their absolute best work.

Our Team consists of Project Manager, Production Manager, Designers, Lead Carpenters, Carpenters, and Millwork Specialist. The vast knowledge and skills our team will provide to you allows us to be the best source, from the smallest of details, while always keeping the big picture of your desired outcome in the forefront of our mind. We also have very specific tiered price points, so you will already know what your remodel is going to cost. You can save time and focus on what really matters. 

The average bathroom remodel is going to cost $15,000-$19,000, and will involve the refresh of an existing bathroom (typically 5x8 square feet). An upscale bathroom remodel will cost $40,000-$69,000 and would include updating the existing space to a larger, 80-100 square-foot bathroom with upscale features and finishes.

A minor kitchen renovation is going to cost $20,000- $23,000+ and typically involves updating a functional, yet dated 200-square foot kitchen. A mid-range kitchen remodel is $30,000-$39,000+ and includes updating an outdated kitchen between 185-210 square foot kitchen with 15-30 feet of semi-custom cabinetry, and the addition (or refresh) of a multi-use 3x5 kitchen island. Finally, an upscale kitchen remodel $45,000-$85,000+ and begins with a kitchen that is at least 200-square feet.

For more information on our pricing, we have a Bathroom Remodel Cost Guide and a Kitchen Remodel Cost Guide that are available for download.

Initial Consultation

Showroom Visit/Phone Call (Step 1)

We can start the process of obtaining the details either by phone, a showroom visit or we make it easy and provide this form right on our website, allowing you to fill out these details when convenient and (submitting/ emailing) directly to us. Upon review, we will reach out to you with the suggestion for the next step of the process, being either a Design & Budget Consult or Design & Project Planning Agreement.

(You will be working with our Office Manager at this initial stage)

home indeed showroom

Showroom Design Consultation (Step 2)

At this stage we would suggest a showroom visit (approximately 60 minutes) to discuss your project in more detail, obtain your budget range, take note of the most important details to incorporate your needs, review any photos we received and obtain the desired outcome of your project. We offer this service free to you so you have the opportunity to see the value we provide if you choose Home Indeed for your project.

(You will be meeting with our Owner at this stage)


Design & Budget Consultation

Home Visit (Step 3)

If you feel we are the right choice for your needs, this is where we would schedule a site visit. We would take photos, measurements, and discuss design and product options with you (approximately 90 minutes). This will allow us to provide you with a conceptual design / drawing for your space along with narrowing down a budget to a BASIC / MID / UPPER-LEVEL (determined by your final finish selections).   At this phase of the project planning, we would have an associated Design & Consultation Fee that can be credited to the final project cost upon contract signing with our Home Indeed Team.

(You will be meeting with a Designer and/or Owner at this stage)


Design & Project Planning Agreement (Step 4)

At this phase it would allow dedicated time by our Design and Production Team to fully assess the project scope, create proposal options including design and selection details, narrowing down your budget to allow us to get to a final guarantee of project budget, timeline and detailed job scope outlining all aspects of your project from start to finish, along with color, detailed renderings of your area’s design. The fee associated with this stage of the process is typically around 3-5% of the total project cost. This allows up to 2 design rendering revisions of your project in the quoted Design & Project Planning Agreement and is applied to the final project cost upon contract signing with Home Indeed. *Subject to additional fees per rendering revisions requested

The amount of time necessary for this process is largely dependent on the scope of the project, the selection decisions on the homeowner’s timeline, and the team collaboration to ensure full communication and understanding on all factors of budget and overall project deadline.

Upon final presentation of your project scope, budget, and detailed design renderings, this is the point where it will hopefully be clear to what our Home Indeed Team can offer you for your project and you are ready to sign our contract agreement to begin the construction phase.

(You will be meeting with a Designer and/or Owner at this stage)

kitchen showroom


Ideally, all selections and designs would be completed by this stage of the project as it is especially important for us to be fully equipped at this point and prepare the project for the end result. Being intentional with our design is extremely important between all communications within our team and any subcontract work to be done to ensure a seamless process from conception to completion.

During this construction phase your project will be assigned a Project Manager, who works on-site and holds weekly meetings with production and other team members. Our field staff team consists of carpenters, flooring specialist, and millwork/ finish trim carpenter.

There is constant and daily communication between the field staff team and the Project Manager. Together they ensure a smooth, constantly progressive, and safe environment for all on the job site. It is important that many times there are changes along the way and we document these formally through our software in the form of a “change order” request. Please understand these can result in schedule alterations, of which will be communicated to you.

Quality control is of utmost importance. If we are not the ones performing the work, we work closely with the qualified sub-contractors we use for any stage of the process. We work repeatedly with many of our contractors, and we consider them every bit a part of our team as those we work with.

We treat each home we enter with respect and prioritize keeping the site clean. We take great pride in the areas of the home we build or have a part in

(During this phase you will be working with the dedicated Project Manager)



We use a software program that allows constant communication between our team and the homeowner should they choose to sign up on the user-friendly interface through an e-mail invitation at the project commencement. There is a daily log feature where you can see notes and progress that has occurred any day we have team members on site.


If you’re shopping for a construction pro to help with your next project, now you can expect a better – and more digital – construction process. We’re different from other construction companies. We use Buildertrend to deliver the digital experience you expect. When you work with Home Indeed, you’ll enjoy:

  • Real-time visibility into the status of your project through an online dashboard, app notifications and email updates
  • One place to communicate and track job progress
  • The ability to make selections, pay for your project and sign agreements all online

From start to finish, our entire project process comes together in one powerful platform. Your next home project just got a whole lot easier when you work with us.


We want to ensure your happiness not only at project completion, but as you begin to use your new space. We understand there are things that may need adjustments as they are used, most often with cabinetry and doors. We offer a 5-year warranty on all workmanship. We will send follow up communications at different stages after your project is completed for opportunities to reach out to us if any issues are noticed, and we will schedule a team member to do a follow up visit if needed to address these. Of course, we can always be reached via phone or email for anything you may have questions on. We back any product warranty and help facilitate any warranties for these products.

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