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    Whether you’re a consummate chef or a takeout and microwave-dinner type of person, you know your kitchen is a vital part of the home you cherish. For many families, the space is not only used for cooking and eating, but also socializing, doing homework or projects for work, and carrying out other routine activities.

    There comes a time for many families, however, when the constant wear and tear of daily use of the kitchen becomes obvious. In other cases, families evolve in size, priorities, and lifestyles. No matter what phase of life you’re leaving or entering, Home Indeed can help you renovate or remodel your kitchen near Cedar Falls or Independence, Iowa, to make it fit your future goals.

    What is Kitchen Remodeling?

    Kitchen remodels are similar to other home improvement projects in that they transform an important aspect of your house to maintain and even optimize its appearance and function. Kitchen remodeling in Northern Iowa can look very different depending on your needs and preferences. Sometime you only want to upgrade certain components in your kitchen or give it a timely makeover to encompass a new design style. At other times, you may need a complete overhaul to expand or open the floorplan and add new, much-desired components. In both cases, regardless of the scope of the project, Home Indeed has the kitchen remodeling services to help. If you’re wondering, “What does a kitchen remodel include?”, here is a closer look at the various kitchen components typically addressed in major and minor kitchen remodels.

    modern traditional kitchen


    Small Kitchen Remodel

    Minor kitchen remodeling projects feature both a smaller scope and a smaller budget. Generally, they involve surface-level kitchen components such as appliances, paint, countertops, backsplashes, and flooring—items that impact the look and feel of your kitchen.

    Countertop and Backsplash Replacement

    Countertops and backsplashes endure a majority of the abuse in the kitchen. Over time, they accumulate scratches, stains, chips, and other damage. Additionally, replacing these kitchen components is a fairly simple way to achieve a noticeable difference in the style and atmosphere of your kitchen. As your kids grow older or your tastes change, you may be ready to replace your laminate countertops with luxury materials, such as granite, quartz, or marble. Changing the color, design, or texture of your tile kitchen backsplash also has a significant impact on the aesthetic of your kitchen, whether you’re aiming for a traditional, modern, or transitional style. In some cases, families only want to undertake these smaller projects instead of a full renovation, and Home Indeed offers the remodeling services to help.

    Flooring Replacement

    Flooring is also typically included in a small kitchen remodel for many of the same reasons as countertops and backsplashes. From scratches and scuff marks to peeling or chipping, your flooring may be in serious need of a replacement. By simply installing new flooring in your kitchen, you can make the space feel stylish and almost brand new. Kitchen remodeling also enables you to take advantage of new flooring options on the market that achieve the durability and appearance you desire within your allotted budget. For example, luxury vinyl planks have improved over the years so they’re nearly indiscernible from real hardwood floors yet superior in durability and water-resistance.

    modern white kitchen with tile mosaic backsplash


    Large Kitchen Remodel

    A large or major kitchen remodel usually encompasses all aspects of a small kitchen remodel, along with more intensive work to alter and enhance the function and performance of the space. This type of project may include expanding or changing the layout, ripping out and replacing the cabinetry, and installing all new flooring, hardware, and lighting. The kitchen sink may be another component addressed during this scale of project. Here is a closer look at some of your options when it comes to major kitchen remodeling:

    Kitchen Layout

    There are a couple primary types of kitchen floorplans: L-shaped; U-shaped, or horseshoe; galley; peninsula; and island. Some kitchen layouts include multiple islands. If your kitchen currently features one of these floorplans but it’s not working for you anymore, you can change the layout during the kitchen remodeling process. Expect this type of project to be a bigger investment of both time and money, as it typically involves removing walls, changing electrical and plumbing, and other projects that require specialized labor. However, adding a kitchen island or reconfiguring the space can make you feel like your getting an entirely new kitchen.

    Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware

    Kitchen cabinets are one of the more expensive kitchen components, especially if you need a full demolition, which is why replacing this component is usually only done during a major kitchen remodel. Custom and semi-custom cabinets are the best option for both increasing your home’s value, as well as achieving the exact style you envision. They are designed specifically for your kitchen, so they look and feel just right. However, there is a diverse selection of stock cabinets if you want an economy grade option that still suits your purpose, refreshes your kitchen, and provides you additional cabinet storage space. Refacing your existing kitchen cabinets is another, simpler home remodeling service you can elect to include in your project.

    Kitchen Countertop and Backsplashes

    Countertops, sinks, and backsplashes are other kitchen components that need attention if you want to fully renovate your kitchen. The cost of these elements differs widely based on the type of material you select. Even among individual materials there are different grades and qualities. Our team at Home Indeed will guide you through your various options, their unique characteristics, how they would impact your budget, and how they would fit into the overall design for your kitchen renovation.


    Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

    As you can see, the scope of your kitchen remodeling can vary significantly, which also impacts the final project price. In general, the cost of a small kitchen remodel in Iowa is about $23,000. If you select luxury materials, the price will increase. With roughly 70% of costs recouped in resale value, minor kitchen remodels tend to provide the greatest return on investment (ROI) compared to other kitchen renovations.

    The cost of a major kitchen remodel with midrange materials and features is typically upward of $60,000. However, the outcome includes better quality materials and a customized space that aptly meets your style tastes and practical needs.

    Finally, a major kitchen remodel that transforms the room into a luxurious, highly functional space brimming with upscale features and materials can cost an average of $132,000 in the Cedar Falls, Iowa, area. The ROI of both midrange and upscale major kitchen remodels is about 50%.

    gray modern kitchen


    Kitchen Remodeling Process

    At Home Indeed, we implement a fine-tuned design-build process when tackling kitchen renovations, both large and small, upscale and modest. Our process begins with an initial consultation to gather a brief overview of your project needs. A team member then reviews your project in detail and contacts you to discuss the next steps. If we are a good fit for your project, we move on to the planning and design phase, which involves you working with a kitchen designer to fine-tune your vision and make selections. We then provide a price estimate and contract documents for your approval. During this time, we also submit the plans, acquire building permits, develop a schedule, and purchase materials.

    After a final onsite visit to verify the details, the construction process begins. Project management is handled through our team to continually provide the smoothest, most efficient process possible. The final phase includes project completion, site cleanup, and a walk-through to familiarize you with your newly renovated kitchen, which is backed by our five-year warranty.


    Working with a Kitchen Remodeler

    The way people utilize their kitchen has changed drastically over the years, which is why they are one of the most remodeled rooms in residential buildings. There may be any number of reasons, both practical and stylistic, for wanting to undertake a kitchen remodeling project in Northern Iowa. No matter what yours is, Home Indeed has a wide range of kitchen remodeling services to help you achieve a cost-effective, stress-free, and positive project, both in terms of the process and the outcome.

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