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    While designing a new room is a prominent step in your remodeling process, it’s important that you first measure the space you’re looking to remodel. Basic measurements of your existing space helps you and your designer come up with the best possible floor plan layout options. This step is crucial in determining whether the space can accommodate your remodeling goals. Follow these simple, easy steps to measure any room in your home before any design decisions are made. Use our Bathroom Measuring Guide or Kitchen Measuring Guide for additional help.

    How To Measure Your Space

    1. Sketch an outline of the space

    Grab a pen and paper, and draw a basic sketch of the space. Your drawing doesn’t have to be precise as long as it shows where everything is located in the room. This includes where appliances, windows, doors, odd angles, vents, or anything else worth noting can be found. Assigning a letter or number to each wall can help make planning and communication with the designer easier as the project continues.

    2. Grab a tape measure

    Use a tape measure to measure (in inches) the full width of each wall (to the nearest ½ inch). For walls with doors, be sure to note which direction the door opens. After the overall width of each wall is noted, go back and measure each opening/obstruction in the room. When measuring doors and windows, start from the outside edge of the trim on one side to the outside edge trim on the other. Remember to include the height of each opening, too. For windows, include the measurements from the floor to the bottom of the window and from the top of the window to the ceiling. Lastly, measure the height of a room from the floor to the ceiling. 

    3. Measure adjacent spaces (optional)

    If you’re planning on knocking down a wall or expanding the size of a room, take measurements of those spaces adjacent to that room. It’s not necessary to measure the entire room, just the area that will come in contact with the remodeled space. Taking this extra step, when necessary, will ensure that your remodeler is aware of the dimensions of other rooms ahead of time. This will help the team better plan how they can use additional space without ruining the integrity of another.

    4. Note any utilities

    Write down the measurements of all fixtures, electrical outlets, air vents, and pipes. Measure from width across the front x then height x then depth. Also, measure each fixture from the floor to the bottom of the fixture, or fixture to the ceiling, if possible. Take note of the distance between the fixture and the closest wall. These small measurements come in handy if things need to be shifted or removed later on.

    5. Check your measurements

    After you’ve compiled all your numbers, go back and measure each item again to double-check your measurements. Remember the old saying “measure twice and cut once”. Confidence in the accuracy of your measurements gives you peace of mind and ensures the end result is correct. This could save you thousands of dollars and stress in the future. Finish by taking photos of each wall, including wide shots of the entire space. Be sure to include any photos that will be helpful for the remodeling team.

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    If you’re not sure what to expect when remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or whole home near Cedar Falls, the best source of information is your professional home remodeler. Home Indeed has a step-by-step design-build process that is centered on clear communication, accountability, and budget control. Our team can help you know what to expect during each phase of the project, as well as how you will be informed of changes, the process for addressing concerns that come up, and other tips to provide you with a positive, efficient home remodel.


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