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    Bathroom remodeling doesn't start when we show up to demo your bathroom, it even starts far before you visit our showroom and talk with our in-house designers. Your bathroom remodeling journey starts when you realize you don’t love walking into your bathroom each morning. Whether you’re looking to update the style of your bathroom with modern features or change the layout for better functionality, the Home Indeed team has the expertise you’re looking for in a bathroom remodeler.

    Bathroom Remodeling

    Bathroom Remodeling Breakdown

    Master Bathroom Remodeling

    If you’re in the market for a new master bathroom, you aren’t alone. Master bathroom remodeling has become one of the more popular trends in recent years as homeowners discover the luxuries of having a spa-like bathroom. From steam showers to soaking tubs, your master bath could have it all.

    For some homeowners though, a master bathroom might not seem plausible because of space issues. With the creative designers on our team, we can create a variety of solutions to help you get the master bathroom you want to relax in. Whether you’re looking to add a master bathroom addition or are looking for clever ways to save some space in your master bathroom through your remodel, we can help. A master bathroom remodel will run you from  $20,000 and up and will depend heavily on if you wish to change the layout and which materials you choose for your master bathroom remodel.

    Hall Bathroom Remodeling

    The hall bath in your house might serve many purposes, and remodeling might be right for you if it needs some functional or stylistic updates to fit your family dynamics. For some, the hall bath might be “the kid bathroom” for others it might be a guest bath or the main bath. Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking to upgrade this room in your home, we can help make it a place you’re proud of. Before you embark on your hall bath remodeling project, really think about the uses of the bathroom right now, but also 5-10+ years down the road. For instance, you’ll want your hall bath to work for your kids now when they are young and still take baths, but also when they are teenagers and have different needs. If you take on a hall bathroom remodel, you can expect to pay an average of $20,000 depending on the scope of your project and the materials you choose.

    Powder Room Remodeling

    We’ve covered the larger bathroom remodels, but what about your powder room? Also called a half bath, the powder room features the basics of the bathroom, a sink, and a toilet. These rooms are generally in a common location near the kitchen and living areas and are generally intended for guests. These types of bathroom remodels are generally for cosmetic upgrades to make your guests feel more at home. While smaller, powder room remodels are also cheaper because they generally have less square footage and bathroom appliances to consider. The cost of a half-bath remodel generally will run from $15,000 to $19,000 in the Cedar Valley area.

    At Home Indeed, we’ve been creating client’s dream bathrooms for years. No matter your project, we work with you to find your style and meet your needs. If you’re looking to partner with a remodeling contractor near Cedar Falls, we’d love to help you get started on your journey. Learn more about us or schedule an appointment to meet with one of our design specialists.

    Gray-White Bathroom

    Bathroom Design

    After you’ve realized your bathroom needs a refresh, you’ll likely be drawn to the idea of finding the perfect style for your new space. The trend has recently gone from small bathrooms with tub and shower combos to spacious rooms with glass showers and free-standing tubs. Even if you’re not fond of a sweeping master bathroom, we can still help you find the design that best fits your specific style and needs.

    Bathroom Layout

    A proper bathroom layout is paramount to the successful design and functionality of your bathroom space. If you’re just looking to modernize the style of your bathroom, you don’t necessarily need to change the layout of your bathroom. Simply upgrading the shower or tub, changing the flooring, and modifying the bathroom vanity may be sufficient to get the beautiful bathroom you want. If instead your bathroom doesn’t fit the functional requirements of your lifestyle, then changing the layout of your bathroom might be the best way to go.

    The type of bathroom layout that is best for you will highly depend on which bathroom you’re remodeling and the way your family uses the space. For example, if you’re a family with young children, you won’t want to remove the only tub in your home to equip a glass standup shower. Similarly, if you share the maser bathroom with your partner, perhaps a toilet room would allow for more privacy and bathroom efficiency. The features on your must-have list will also contribute to how your bathroom remodel is laid out.

    Bathroom Materials

    One of the best parts of remodeling besides seeing the final product is the design process. Selecting materials with an experienced designer at Home Indeed will help you develop the vision for your bathroom remodel. If you have an eye for design we’re happy to assist you in the thoughts behind different materials and make suggestions based on your style requirements. Material selection is one of the ways that homeowners can go over budget in their remodeling process. With selections ranging from standard to luxurious, it’s easy to get lost in the look and forget about your pocketbook. Our team has the experience to help you select materials and styles you love that pair perfectly with your home all while staying within your budget.

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