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    If you're looking to add more livable space in your home, your basement is already an entire lower level that can be finished and converted into a variety of different options. The basement space is closed off from other areas of your home, leaving you with a lot of room to work with. Although, depending on the age of your home, a finished basement may be harder to achieve. At Home Indeed, our team can provide you with a fully customized basement to make the most use out of your home.

    Basement Remodeling in Cedar Falls Iowa and Surrounding Areas | Home Indeed

    Why Should I Remodel My Basement?

    For many homeowners, a basement is just a storage space with utilities, such as a furnace and water heater. The amount of square footage that's used for storing junk can be better used by creating an entertainment living space. Not only do you get more use out of the space, but it also increases the value of your home. Future homebuyers will surely appreciate a finished basement that they can use for entertainment or housing guests. Some finished basements ideas to consider include:

    β€’ Home Theatre
    β€’ Office/Work Space
    β€’ Apartment/In-Law Suite
    β€’ Home Gym
    β€’ Kids' Playroom
    β€’ Wet Bar
    β€’ Game Room

    Basement Remodeling Considerations

    The age of your home plays a large part in the complexity of your basement remodeling project. While most newer homes accounted for a basement living space, older homes' basements were never built with the intention that the homeowners would inhabit them. Moisture is a key consideration to contend with that your basement remodeler must assess and implement the right system to keep the space from becoming damp and musty. 

    It's also important to keep in mind who will be using the finished basement. For example, housing in-laws that like a lot of sunlight will probably not enjoy a basement apartment that has no windows. During our remodeling process, our team will discuss with you what goals you're looking to achieve with your project. These determinations will ultimately influence the design and layout of your finished basement. 

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    Basement Remodeling Costs

    On average, a basement remodel will cost $20,000, but this figure is heavily influenced by the extent of your remodeling plans. Expect to pay between $30-$75 per square foot. Homeowners can expect to receive about a 70% return on their investment. Through our design process, you'll select materials with an experienced designer at Home Indeed and they will help you develop the vision for your basement remodel. We're happy to provide you with information and the logic behind different materials selections and make suggestions based on your requirements. Material selection is one of the ways that homeowners can go over budget in their remodeling process. Our team has the experience to help you select materials and styles that pair perfectly with your home all while staying within your budget.

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    Remodeling Your Basement in Cedar Valley

    At Home Indeed, we can help you create a customized finished basement that turns a dark, cold space into a cozy living space you can enjoy year-round. Our team's skills and experience will guide you through the design and construction process with fast, reliable communication. We value your involvement in each step of the way. Reach out to us and let us help you start enjoying your home to the fullest.


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