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    What does design-build mean? In the traditional approach to home remodeling, design and construction are treated as two separate parts of the process: You create design plans for the project with a designer or architect, and they are then bid out to a general contractor who handles construction.

    As the homeowner, you are stuck in the middle to coordinate between the architect and the contractor to ensure every aspect of the project is communicated properly, so that what is captured on paper is what comes to fruition.

    In recent years, however, a new project delivery method—known as design-build—has emerged that streamlines home remodeling for everyone involved.


    What is Design-Build?

    Upgrading your home in Cedar Valley to be more functional and beautiful has as much to do with the design phase as it does with the actual construction. Choices made during the initial planning process will impact the cost and timeline, as well your overall remodeling experience.

    With a design-build contractor, you work with a single company from start to finish. They provide a diverse team of dedicated professionals, including designers and project managers, so you don’t have to rely on contractors and consultants at any stage of the process.

    There are several advantages to choosing a design-build approach when you’re remodeling residential space in Cedar Valley.


    The Advantages of Design-Build

    increased accountability

    Increased Accountability

    You have access to both construction and design services through the same company, there is a single project manager overseeing your remodel throughout the entirety of the project. This creates a sense of heightened accountability.

    clear communication

    Clear Communication

    One of the greatest shortfalls of the traditional design-bid-build approach is convoluted communication. You have to be the go-between for your architectural or design company and the general contractor who is handling construction

    no bid process

    No Bidding Process

    Another benefit of the design-build process is being able to forego the bidding process. Instead, you have a single contract that covers all services. This means you only must go through the experience of thoroughly researching and vetting a company once.

    informed decision making

    Informed Decision Making

    During the design phase of remodeling, you have to make dozens of decisions regarding the features, fixtures and finishes that will be included in the plans. This process can be a bit daunting, especially if you aren’t sure what different products cost or how certain upgrades impact one another.

    budget control

    Budget-Savings & Time-Savings

    If you’re trying to stick to a certain budget for your renovation project in Cedar Falls, you want to start implementing cost-saving measures during the design phase. With increased accountability, clearer communication, and informed decision-making, we can control costs more effectively.

    Still have questions about design-build? Here's answers to frequently asked questions!

    Design-Build: FAQ

    How Does Design-Build Differ from Traditional Building Methods?

    According to the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), the traditional building method requires that the owner (you – the homeowner) "must manage two separate contracts which all-too-often creates an adversial relationship between the designer and the contractor."

    In short, with design-build, you have one team – or as we at Home Indeed like to pledge – One Source. One Solution. One Company to bring it all together! 

    Is Design-Build More Expensive?

    Quite the opposite! An experienced and qualified design-build contractor is more likely to save you money throughout the duration of your process, as there is a lesser chance of miscommunications between each facet of the team.

    With a design-build contractor, your designer and builders are under one roof, working towards your common vision and goal for the space. Everything from material selections to finishing touches is clearly communicated throughout the duration of your process. This diminishes the likelihood of inaccurate selections, which can lead to budget overages.

    Will I Still Get to Provide My Input with a Design-Build Team?

    100%! The largest benefit of utilizing a design-build contractor for your home remodeling project is that owner involvement can be as hands-off or as hands-on as you'd like – and it's easier to be involved!

    With a design-build team, it's just you, and us. We're here to listen to your ideas, your goals, and every detail you have in your head no matter how big or small. We're here to create the space of your dreams. 

    How Do I Find a Design-Build Contractor?

    Home Indeed is proud to be a design-build company.

    If, in your search for qualified home remodeling contractors, you'd like to know if a company operates under a design-build methodology, just ask! The information should be clearly conveyed on their website, as well.


    Design-Build Remodeling in Cedar Falls, Iowa

    When you’re remodeling your home in Cedar Valley, you want to feel confident that the outcome will meet your expectations and successfully improve the comfort and function of your space. However, you also want to experience a positive home remodeling journey along the way. Taking a design-build approach helps with both. At Home Indeed, we offer a wide range of remodeling services, from bathrooms and kitchens to home additions. Our dedicated team of professionals will guide you from the initial design consultation to project completion using a seamless process that ensures clear communication, shared accountability and budget control and makes the home remodeling experience as positive and rewarding as the end result.

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